Equine Emergency Rescue

I attended a Large Animal Rescue (LAR) workshop two weekends ago and part of my homework prior to the day was reading Equine Emergency Rescue.

Equine Emergency Rescue by MaryAnne Leighton & Michelle Staples

I haven’t been reading a lot of late with regards to my horse novels due to an abundance of uni reading and assignments needing to be done!  But I did put aside time to make my way through this non fictional, informative book before attending the workshop.

The book is a clear guide for many individuals who may be involved in the scene of rescuing a horse from an unexpected situation.  It covers the roles of the horse owner, incident controller, veterinarian and other rescue officers.

Many large animal rescues are carried out by the local SES or CFA team who may not necessarily have hands on experience with horses.  Consequently, MaryAnne encourages the horse owner to carry a copy of her book for reference when travelling with horses.

The chapters are set out logically so that you can turn to ‘Extrication from a Horse Float’ and see step by step what needs to be done.  Pictures and steps are provided too to safely get a rope system around a horse for moving and how to create horse handling equipment from ropes.

A bonus for attending the workshop is that the cost of the book is included and you score a signed copy to go through prior to attending.  Equine Emergency Rescue I believe is a book that should be in every horse owner’s collection.

Author: MaryAnne Leighton and Michelle Staples
Non fiction – large animal rescue
In my library? You bet!  Very informative and worth knowing.

“I have seen soldiers panic at the first sight of battle, and a squire pulling arrows from his body to fight and save his dying horse. Nobility is not a birthright, but is defined by one’s actions.” – Kevin Costner in Robin Hood, Prince Of Thieves

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