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What Horse Business Idea do you Have? Photo by Cait O’Pray

Now in my head – this is me; or what I’m aiming to be. I love equine education and writing and am working towards making a residual income out of it.

For me, an entrepreneur is someone who has an idea for a product or service in an industry that they love, and they’re able to turn it into a profitable income whilst educating people on the benefits of it. This blog is to help people to develop their ideal equine career, and in a way, this is exactly what Melody at Equine Entrepreneurs does.

If you have a horse business or a horse business idea and you’d like some coaching and guidance with how to make your business more effective (or how to start it in an effective manner), I encourage you to check out her site! As a bonus, if you sign up to her mailing list, you’ll receive a free pdf on Great 8 Tips for an Awesome Facebook Page.

“Sell the cow, buy the sheep, but never be without the horse.” – Irish proverb

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