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So here’s one for those artists out there who love to draw horses, Photoshop horses, or whichever way you create the images!  There are many horse businesses out there that make use of equine illustrators.  This may be for:

  • A logo or business graphics
  • Illustrating books – fiction, non fiction, comic, children’s literature, etc
  • Creating book covers
  • Providing gift cards with a horsey theme
  • As paintings or drawings that can be framed

The list goes on!  If you love to draw horses, perhaps this could be an avenue of income for you.

Even more exciting, it can be a form of passive income where you create a series of graphics that people can purchase/download over and again for use on stationery, cups or mugs, caps, t-shirts, etc.  In this way, you only have to do the work (create the image) once, but get paid for it multiple times – this is the best way to earn money in my opinion!

If you have a passion for drawing horses and people who have encouraged you in your skills, have you considered marketing yourself as an equine illustrator?  Take a look at one business that I’ve stumbled across recently where a person does just this – Horse On the Run.  I love Maryanne Delf’s illustrations!

“No matter how fast the horse trots the damn cart still chases him.” – Horse Illustrated

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