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Equine Industry Peer to Peer Lending

I was recently reading an article about different ways to invest $100. One suggestion referred to a business that promoted peer to peer lending. This was the first I’d heard of this term.

The general idea is that every day Joe’s can invest a small sum (or a large one) toward a loan that another Joe needs to fund something. One person gets a loan that they are due to repay at a competitive rate. Other people invest their funds into this loan, and gain as they receive the loan repayments.

Now this article identifies a business in the United States that promotes peer to peer lending. The lenders can only be in the US however, so I went searching for something similar in Australia. The first I found allows lenders to invest at a minimum of $25,000. This is a sum too large for me.  As opposed to the appealing $25 you could invest in the American based set up.

Peer to Peer Lending for the Equine Industry, would you Invest?

Peer to Peer Lending for the Equine Industry, would you Invest?

So I got to thinking: what if there was a peer to peer lending setup for the equine industry? People could apply for funds as they typically would for a loan. Other people could invest their funds (even amounts as small as $25) and receive a return. An added bonus would be knowing that the money they’re providing for the short term is helping to finance ventures within the equine industry.

I love the idea of investing and receiving a return; I also love the idea of helping others to grow in the equine industry. The industry as a whole could be improved through the borrowed funds of others. It could allow people to gain degrees or other qualifications, to purchase their first broodmare or share in a stallion, a racehorse or perhaps gain funding to compete.

Of course, for this to be possible there needs to be someone with the vision and the financial know how to set up an equine industry peer to peer lending business.

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