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Equine Invention

There are many products yet to be made for the equine world.  Many are being perfected, whilst others are currently being researched to see if they are a viable idea.

Do you have an idea of a product or service that could make things easier for equine carers or the horses themselves?  Perhaps you’d like to take a look at this article from September last year, Shining new light on equine innovation.  (Just ignore the incorrect spelling of Coolmore).

Dr. Murphy of Ireland created a product Equilume that has the potential to greatly contribute to the thoroughbred breeding world.  A few things are stated in the article:

  • “Globally, thoroughbred breeding is a multi-billion dollar industry spread across five Continents; a product that promises to enhance its breeding programmes has significant commercial potential. The estimated market value worldwide for a product such as the light mask is in excess of €60 million.”
  • “The Equilume mask was successfully trialed on a large scale in the US earlier this year and considerable interest has already been shown in the product by a number of breeders around the world. Dr Murphy is hoping to have the mask made in Ireland and in full-scale production by 2013.”

How exciting to be a part of designing a product that has such a large potential market!   And this is possible because of the size of the horse industry worldwide.

Equilume gained interest through the Enterprise Ireland ‘One to Watch’ award.  Do you know of initiative’s in which you can get your idea known and gain backing funding?  Perhaps it’s worth a search online!

A product that caught my interest back in 2011 was an Eco Rocker – a rocking horse that is easily recycled.

This although horse related, is a product that perhaps more appeals to parents and those who consume products for children.  There is a lot of potential for growth in equine related creations.

Do you have an idea?  It could be one that down the track you will be educating others about the benefits of – who knows? 🙂

“And God took a handful of southerly wind, blew His breath over it and created the horse.” – Bedouin Legend

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