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Equine Law

So hopefully you’re not out to find someone that can help you sue and things somehow relate to horses. However, there are many practices that provide law services and specialise in equine law. Services could be related to storm water compliance, manure management, hazardous waste contamination and land use permitting and entitlement issues.

Or perhaps advise on the purchase, sale or lease of horses and horse facilities, equine insurance, boarding disputes, breeding disputes, trainers, horse parks, horse associations, non-profit entities, tack and feed stores and other equestrian businesses, risk management, employment disputes, intellectual property protection, entity formation, and estate planning.

For someone with a law background, or who plans to go into this area or is currently studying and has a passion for horses, perhaps it would be worthwhile looking into a practice/s that already provide services in this area. It’s also not a bad idea to have a few contacts if you are setting up your own place or are leasing out/selling horses or providing another service relating to equines.

Some firms to look at:
Equine Law Firms – United States of America Equine Law.
BB&K – California Law Firm.
Gabriel Ruddy and Garret – Qld, Australia.
Equine Law – Legal News and Featured Articles.
Tilly Bailey Irvine – Equine Law.
Horse Force – standard legal contracts to the horse industry.

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2 Responses to “Equine Law”

  • susan rose:

    is it possible to do something about a large breeder who kept my horses after stud for many months for supposed preg tests and then my mare eventually gave birth to twins, both dead (yesterday) my vet said it should never have happened with such a large breeder.
    the other instance is a horse of mine placed in the same breeders care for showing being injured severely on the first day ruining any opportunity of showing in the future.

  • Hi Susan,

    Personally I don’t know what the go is with regards to the law and your situation… having worked on a few studs – small and large, I know it’s possible for a twin pregnancy to be missed on one scan but that is one of the reasons we tend to do three scans before the stud fee is due.

    If the stud claimed that they did carry out pregnancy tests on your mare, is it possible to chase up who did the vetting and see the vet records to at least ascertain if the vetting was done? As much as twins can get missed, it’s a given that if a mare has two ovulations around the time that she was bred that there’s a chance of twins and we often find this to be the case and the vet has to terminate one of the pregnancies…

    I’d be chasing up someone who works with horse law and finding out if the scans did indeed take place.


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