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Ministry/Ministration – ‘The act or process of serving or aiding.’

When I have the 400 acres I am continually dreaming about, my main goal in life is to run an Equine Ministry. I see this as being a place that looks after the well being of these gorgeous animals and through them, reaches out to people. There are a lot around, many of which make a small profit or none requiring volunteers and whatever the case, all seem to be for a great cause.

Having been a volunteer for a branch of Riding For the Disabled, Australia I see RDA as a well known equine ministry that makes a huge impact on the riders and those volunteering their time and services.

Other Equine Ministries:
HopeWell Ranch – “To provide free, Christ-based equine therapy for children, adults and their families who are challenged mentally, physically and emotionally.”

Horse Haven Ranch Ministries Giving Girls Purpose – A non-denominational, multi-ethnic, Christian Ministry

Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions – The whole setup of the summer camp looks very appealing and Sermon on the Mount completely appealed!

Wild Horse Ministries – As the ministry listed above, this also seems to relate working with and educating a horse to scripture and our growth in life.

Crystal Peaks Youth Ranch – Where it all started for me. Mum heard Kim Meeder being interviewed and her book Hope Rising talked about on LightFM and immediately sought out the book as she felt it’d interest me. I now await the day where I’m able to set up a ministry and reach out to people like Kim and her husband Troy do.

I’m sure there are many more equine ministries around, all different in their own respect but still offering services to those in need and making use of the beautiful animal that is the horse. Perhaps there’s one nearby that you can help out at, volunteer, become employed or become a part of making a difference in someone else’s life. Or perhaps you need a place like this to make a difference in your life. They seem to me a very worthwhile ministry.

“An instructor does not criticize you, but what you have been taught.”

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