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Thanks to reading over the ‘101 Ways to Make Money with Horses’ book that is available for free via Online Horse College I realised that one of the jobs listed, I haven’t delved into particularly well on this blog!

Do you Know what Nutrients are in the Food Your Horse is Consuming?

Nutrition is an incredibly important area of horse care that everyone should know about.

However, a general knowledge sometimes isn’t enough when it comes to managing horses that may have metabolic issues, dietary insufficiency or excess, or even making up the appropriate complete feed for your older horse, competition horse, hack or in foal broodmare.  This is where a nutritionist can be beneficial.

Generally these horse specialists will be employed in a particular nutrition company or business, such as Kentucky Equine Research, John Kohnke, Mitavite, etc.

Their role may involve:

  • promoting particular feeds or supplements
  • talking to horse businesses about pasture content and management
  • informing horse owners about elements of nutrition

As far as I am aware, here in Australia recognised nutritionists tend to have an equine science degree, having studied biochemistry, animal and horse nutrition.  If you’re interested in pursuing this horse related career, why not check out horse courses that are available to increase your knowledge?

While you’re at it, if nutrition interests you, check out the other 4 posts that relate to nutrition and horses at the Vocation 100 page 🙂

“Horses comment on a car: ‘150 horsepower, big deal. I’d be impressed if it ran on hay.'”

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