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An Equine Sales Agent – the go Between Person

There are many people today who are looking to buy a horse. Perhaps their first horse or their fifth. Likewise, there are a lot of people who are advertising horses for sale. There is a particular person who acts as the go between for these two types of people.  It is the equine sales agent.

Would you use an Equine Sales Agent for a fee?

Would you use an Equine Sales Agent for a fee?

An equine sales agent matches potential buyers with sellers. After finding out what a person is looking for in a horse, they then research possible matches. At the end of the day, the ideal is that the agent is able to pair up a seller with a buyer. The job in itself may require many hours of:

  • researching the horse market
  • determining distances between buyers and sellers
  • organising transport for purchased horses
  • organising necessary accommodation for travelling buyers

The Equine Sales Agent

The position as a whole can entail quite a bit and be a lengthy process. Upon a successful sale, the equine sales agent is paid for their time and effort. This could be a percentage of the sale price, based on the hours invested or predetermined another way.

For those who love to research horses for sale and determining the logistics of a horse viewing and potential buy, this position may be of interest. It would require knowing a lot about varying disciplines, horse movement and conformation, soundness and the places to look for horses. It would also require knowing where to look for potential buyers.  This could be a great way to bring in income without having to generate a product to sell.

“Simon’s horse was defective, or possibly a genius that had worked out that Simon could not possibly control it. It went off for a wander in the woods, with Simon on its back alternately pleading, threatening, and offering bribes.” ― Cassandra Clare

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