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Equine Sales Auctioneer – Use Your Voice

Recently Equus Education has had the chance to profile Stephanie Grentell on her career as an equine sales auctioneer and bloodstock agent. In fact, Stephanie was the first female equine sales auctioneer in Australia!

Particularly in the thoroughbred industry, horse sales are held throughout the year and someone is needed to auction these sales. This is especially so for the summer and autumn months when yearling sales are occurring around the states.

An equine sales auctioneer is someone who needs to be able to recommend a number of horses for sale. They need to be familiar with each horse’s pedigree, its conformation and gender. These can be used as selling points to potential buyers. They also need to be able to talk fast!

Equine Sales Auctioneer: These are needed at Thoroughbred Sales Worldwide

Equine Sales Auctioneer: These are needed at Thoroughbred Sales Worldwide

Although they need these skills, this in itself possibly isn’t enough to keep someone employed full time auctioning horses. They will need to branch out into another area to stay in full time work. This is where many auctioneers double as bloodstock agents or spotters in auctions – someone who recognises a hand raised for a bid.

For someone who wants to use fast talking and their voice to work in the horse industry, they may like the idea of being an equine sales auctioneer. Another possibility that can be looked into is that of race calling. Both of these have a great need in the thoroughbred racing industry. Know however, that other breeds of horses race – quarter horses and Arabians. Likewise, other breeds of horses have sales where an auctioneer may be needed. Do your research if you would like to consider either of these talking careers within the equine industry.

“In the steady gaze of the horse shines a silent eloquence that speaks of love and loyalty, strength and courage. It is the window that reveals to us how willing is his spirit, how generous his heart.” – Author Unknown

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