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Equine Workers Welfare

I’ve heard a whisper at work that Racing Victoria is planning to set up a sector that helps to rehabilitate jockeys that have had to come out of the industry due to a fall, illness, etc and help them get back into the industry when fit to do so.  I’m not sure if there is yet such a governing body in Australia and would welcome information if anyone has any.

Perhaps this is where your passion lies, though.  You have an interest in horses and those that are dedicated to putting their all into such an industry as racing, breeding, eventing.  For those who have grown up working with horses and this is where their skills lie, it’s life altering to have a work related injury or illness and not be able to continue with the one thing you know how to do.

In the UK, there is the likes of Racing Welfare that caters to helping employers, employees and the retired of the racing industry, any of which are in need due to accident, illness, age or misfortune.  They offer counselling and advice, financial assistance, healthy living and well-being and affordable housing.

The Injured Jockeys Fund has for over 44 years been providing care, compassion and financial help to jockeys that have been injured.  The Jockeys Employment and Training Scheme also helps to equip jockeys for a career after race riding.There are many different areas that need to be catered to in order to help those who had made a life out of one equine industry or another and for whatever reason, this has been cut short.

Newmarket Racing Partnership addresses the issues of addiction through a ‘supportive framework of education, advice and treatment.’

If your interest is in the welfare of others who have been forced to leave work with horses for any given reason, perhaps it is worth pursuing what set ups in your country provide support services like these.

“If you start getting nervous about getting hurt you will be….If you are worrying about the danger it’s time to give up.” – Jason Weaver (jockey)


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  • This is a great subject with good data so well done on your success and interesting topic it should be discussed. Did you totally agree with the top half of this? I wonder about Welcome Horse Riding. The rest was fine and informative. Ill check back soon for any added comments, thanks.

  • Agree with what in particular? I’m in total agreeance that for those in the industry if something as devastating as a bad fall or the like happens resulting in the loss of employment – potentially for life – then there needs to be a setup to support such people.

    Thanks for your input!

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