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Whether planning on running your own business with a number of horses, planning to manage someone else’s or you’re working in the office of a horse property, it’d be worthwhile to consider how records are kept in relation to horses, events, treatments and of course finance.

If you already have a working software – brilliant! If not, it’d be worth looking around at what’s available to you. I’ve recently stumbled across EquineMax 2006 and have just downloaded a free trial to have a play with and the program is easy to use/navigate and seems to cover the events you’d need to record to stay on top of your business.

Mare and foal

You can keep track of multiple horses, their breeding, purchase date, birth date, pedigrees up to five generations, colours and markings, class of horses (mare, gelding, stallion, colt, filly), whether they’ve been bred, forms of identification, training history, treatments and more. For the business there is information on acquisitions, sales, marketing, nominations, a calendar, other finances and the ability to print reports.

If you don’t know how to use a program like this but are considering going into a job that would require, I suggest shopping around and trying out a few different ones so that you can offer this information to future employees and already know your way around the program.

You can request a free trial of EquineMax at Your computer will need to have:
Operating System Windows 95/98/2000/Me/NT/XP/Vista or Mac with VirtualPC or Parallel
Computer Pentium 133MHz or better
Monitor SVGA (minimum of 800×600)
Memory minimum of 32MB RAM (higher is recommended)
Hard Disk Space 20MB hard disk space

Of course, this isn’t the only software available to horse owners: offers equine management software online without having to download anything.

There are many others and if you’re seriously considering software for the management of your business, ask around and find out what others are using and if it works for them or is lacking something.

“Horse Terminology… Reluctant = Sale Comes with Title Deeds to Sydney Harbor Bridge.”

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