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There are some horse terms that I come across and think: is this correct?  Consider equitarian as an example.  I thought, has equestrian been misspelt?  Not at all!  The Equitarian Initiative is something that I recently became aware of.  In a phrase, it’s a philanthropic initiative that has been set up for the working horses of the developing world.

If your blessed to live in a developed country, then chances are when you think of horses, you don’t think of work.  You consider entertainment in the form of horse races and competitions.  You consider the status and wealth that is often associated with horse ownership.

The Equitarian Initiative | Equus Education

The Equitarian Initiative | Equus Education

In third world countries however, horses are often a means to live for many.  They can carry out labourious tasks with horses and donkeys.  Money can be earned from giving people transport on a horse or in a cart.  Although these equines are imperative to help some families live, they aren’t necessarily looked after as well as they should be.  This could be through a lack of finances, time or perhaps ignorance.

As it states on the Equitarian Initiative site:

“Equitarian Initiative prepares volunteer veterinarians worldwide to deliver health care and education to improve the health, nutrition, productivity, and welfare of horses, donkeys and mules, and to empower their care providers for sustainable change.”

I love this!  I learned about the Brooke Hospital years back and their foundation for helping in a similar theme.  It was all about the working horses of a third world culture and tending to their physical needs.

Equitarian Initiative Projects

Want to check out projects for this year?  Volunteers are welcome!  Head along to – there are locations and dates listed for upcoming projects.  You can check out what these guys are all about on their mission page.  Fascinating stuff!

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