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Carriage driving is an interest I am yet to pursue (why aren’t there more hours in the day?). I’d love to learn how to break horses into harness and have a couple of my own carriages to show clients around my property once I’ve got it. There are many different businesses that you could run relating to an interest in horses in harness:

Carriage Driving Service – I see many people in the city of Melbourne taking people for rides around town to see the sights.

Cater to Weddings – a dream of mine is to arrive at my wedding in a carriage, a couple of gorgeous Friesians in harness. There seem to be a lot of people out there that feel the same way, loving the image of a couple of proud horses pulling a gorgeous carriage with a bride inside. Can’t you just picture the driver in top hat and tails?

Selling Carriages – those who love to provide the service of carriage rides want to know the carriage they’re taking people around in is well crafted. Custom made carriages could also be popular for those competing in driving events.

A Percheron in Harness

Horses Under Harness – there is both a product and a service in this. Many people want to buy a horse that is already going nicely under harness and will pay to have this. Others may be interested in providing their own horse, but having someone train it, breaking it into harness.

Take a look at the sport carriage driving at the EFA and FEI: – Look at the Carriage Driving link under the Sports heading.

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