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Floating Along

Be it a horse float, trailer or a horsebox, there’s no doubt that these ‘vehicles’ for transporting our horses come in all shapes and sizes to suit the demand of the buyer. Personally, I’d love to have a three horse float that is an angle loader… oh, to find the money!

Whether they be single, double, angle loaders, made to live in as well as travel horses, with a divider or without, they can be purchased from a myriad of suppliers and custom made.

For someone who loves horses but their skills lie more in the area of trailer design and construction, perhaps this is the business for you. Or perhaps you’d rather sell the product than create it.

Other possibilities include hiring out the float/truck to those who can’t afford to purchase their own and thereby making a service out of the product you’ve purchased or providing the floating service yourself for a fee.

Some providers to consider: – Business located in South Australia showing a wide variety as well as towing tips. – Offering custom made, second hand or new with living spaces integrated into the vehicle. – Offering quotes, dealers in six states and testimonials, based on South Australia. – Situated in New South Wales, offering a variety of new and used with finance available. – Located in Victoria, Australia and offering new and used floats and horse trucks. – Offering pricings on 2, 3 and 4 horse bodies, a gallery and virtual tour inside a float. Located in West Yorkshire. – American site advertising many used and new trailers. Heaps to browse through and choose from.

“Spring and summer are riding on a piebald mare.” – Russian Proverb”

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