Flying Changes by Caroline Akrill

Flying Changes by Caroline Akrill

Continuing on through my collection alphabetically, I have recently finished reading this novel by Caroline Akrill.

Kathryn would do anything for her brother, in spite of his lack of regard for her at all. Flying Changes switches between the present time and the past, helping to enlighten readers to the relationship that exists between bother and sister, and Francesca.

Although all three obviously love horses and make a living from them, it is Oliver who has the skills to take him to the top level in riding dressage. Determined to go as far as he can in the equestrian world, Oliver is cool, calm and calculating.

Akrill does a great job of describing the differences in working environments in a top dressage school and a struggling horse riding school, as well as exploring the relationships between the three main characters and their friends and workmates. The humour is dry and clever, running throughout the story.

As can be expected, as Oliver uses whoever he can to propel himself forward in the horse world, stepping on others has to at some point cause him issues. The story comes to a perhaps anticipated, but not wanted climax.

Throughout the novel I found myself really feeling for Kathryn who wants to think the best of everyone and help as much as she can. Unfortunately, this results in her often getting used as a doormat, particularly by her brother.

Flying Changes is a very interesting and particularly horsey novel. Horses feature heavily, which is wonderful. The ending was one that didn’t particularly appeal to me however.

Author – Caroline Akrill
Fiction – young adult / adult
In my library – absolutely! There is no reason for it to not be, but I would suggest perhaps that it isn’t a story for younger readers due to the depressing ending.
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“It’s just half halts, pirouettes, flying changes, and extended trots. Relax, what could be easier?” – Author unknown

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