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For Sale or Swap

A gift from some mates, it only took a day or so to devour this book that is well suited to early teens. Living in Australia is thirteen year old Shelby, her mother, father, two younger brothers and pony Blue.

For Sale or Swap by Alyssa BrugmanShelby lives and breathes horses. Having ridden for a few years, she daydreams about being recognised by those at Pony Club for the great rider that she is.

Concluding that it’s her skewbald pony Blue that is holding her back, Shelby responds to a ‘for sale or swap’ ad in a horse magazine. Very quickly things escalate once she swaps the reliable Blue for a gorgeous mare named Maxshine Celtic Copper.

With her newly acquired horse, a gorgeous brown mare with a ‘three-barrelled name’, Shelby is convinced everyone at Pony Club will recognise her capabilities and she’ll be put up to the next riding level. What Shelby doesn’t bank on is Brat (Maxshine Celtic Copper) being a lot more flighty and less reliable than Blue.

To top things off, Brat’s stunning brown coloured coat washes out with shampoo, leaving the young woman questioning the actual origins of the mare she acquired. The pieces fall together and Shelby soon realises she has a stolen horse. Worry and fear take over when she also realises that her reliable pony Blue could be anywhere.

For Sale or Swap takes the reader on a chase as Shelby and her friends work to catch the horse thief and return Brat to her rightful owner. The catch is even if they manage to do so, there’s no guarantee of Shelby being reunited with her trustworthy Blue.

A good read for the pre-teen or early teens, For Sale or Swap nicely catches the obsession that young girls have with horses – who’s to say anything else matters, really?

Alyssa Brugman
In my library? Indeed. Given as a gift, the first in the series provides a great introduction to a well-suited horse and rider.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

“Horse terminology… Reluctant = Sale Comes with Title Deeds to Sydney Harbor Bridge.”

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