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Forageplus – Forage and Soil Analysis for Horse Environments

Recently Equus Education received a new follower on Twitter – Forageplus. Curious, I had a look at their profile. Set in North Wales, it turns out that these guys focus on welsh horse supplements, forage and soil analysis as well as managing horse environments.

As it states on their website, the Forageplus team mission statement is:

“To promote whole horse health using the ideas of the leading horse educators around the world. To create value and make a difference to equines and their horse owners through good science and information that works.”

I love that we live in a time where science and education is being used to better horses lives as much as possible. Whether it’s to do with saddle fit and function as in equine ergonomics or better nutrition practices after studying the horse’s digestive system – it’s all good! We’re continuing to learn and better understand this great species. Consequently, we’re able to more effectively meet their needs and this will continue to improve.

Forageplus - Forage and Soil Analysis for Horse Environments

Forageplus – Forage and Soil Analysis for Horse Environments

If you explore the Forageplus website, you’ll see that they offer many services, including:

  • Soil analysis – what’s in the soil on your property affects the types and quality of grasses. This in turn affects your horse’s digestive system.
    • Knowing what’s in the soil and what’s missing means that property owners can make adjustments that are better for the land and their horses.
  • Forage reports – this looks at the varying minerals in the forage you’re feeding your horse as well as the nutritional make up. It’s a great way to see what you’re really giving your beloved equine and what may be lacking.
    • Everything needs to work in balance; too much of one thing can affect the right amounts of another.

It’s great to see another business that has a passion for horse nutrition and health. The website offers many products for horses as well as free articles relating to horse health and digestion. Why not check it out?

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