Fortune’s Fool

This sequel to The Horse is Never Wrong by Mary Pagones follows on with the after school aspirations of Simon Shaunessy. Simon is introduced in The Horse is Never Wrong as an ambitious teen who doesn’t make friends easily. His choice in sexual orientation and his attitude of not caring what others think of him win him few friends.

Fortune’s Fool by Mary Pagones

Now out of school, Simon is able to pursue his dream to be an incredible eventer. On an impulse buy, Simon purchases a tall, strong gelding that he is able to take with him to his studentship position with well known rider and trainer Daniel McAllister. Moving away from home to a small town, Simon finds he is able to focus fully on his development as a rider in all things eventing, jumping and dressage.

The studentship position is over a year and in this time Simon develops both as a rider and as a young man. His determination to succeed in the equine industry is tangible and his need to ride horses obvious. Pagones writes about horses in a realistic manner and portrays her main character well. He’s honest – brutally so – and yet a likeable character.

At times I felt the language could have been toned down and that the story moved a little slowly between some pivotal events, but overall Fortune’s Fool is an enjoyable and horse filled read. A great ending.

Author: Mary Pagones
Fiction – teen
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“A fool and his horse are soon parted!”

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