Four Faults (Pony Jumpers 4) by Kate Lattey

I think Four Faults is my favourite of this series so far! This story is told from the point of view of Tess Maxwell, the younger sister of Hayley. Tess has lived in her sister’s shadow her whole life. She feels it’s just easier to do as Hayley wants, rather than get on the wrong side of her.

That is, until Hayley insists that Tess rides Misty, her talented but difficult to control Grand Prix Pony. Hayley can no longer ride ponies and Tess is fearful about the idea of riding him again. When their parents offer an ultimatum – Tess rides him or they sell him – the young teen finds that the pressure from her sister increases.

Four Faults by Kate Lattey
Four Faults by Kate Lattey

She is battling her fear of riding Misty whilst also trying to work out her friendships at school. When she finds out one of her friends is interested in a boy who lives on their farm, things are further complicated. Tess learns the hard way that the girls she felt were her friends at school aren’t at all. When she finds herself spending time with AJ, Katy and Susannah, she quickly comes to realise what true friendship is about.

Four Faults has a little bit for everyone. There’s a budding romance, sibling rivalry, lots of horse scenes and even a health scare that makes you question your own mortality.

The Pony Jumpers series is well told from the different points of view of four uniquely different girls. Each has their own faults and endearing qualities and all of them love horses. Four Faults is another great read by Kate Lattey.

For the fans out there or those interested in the series, did you know you can download the first novel, First Fence for free at Kate’s website?

Author: Kate Lattey
Fiction – teen
In my library? I was able to download the first four recently, so as an eBook it is!
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