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Asana: a Free Planning Tool for Your Horse Business

I have recently been taking part in a Goals with Intention Challenge by Melyssa Griffin.  This is to help people plan out what they want to achieve in 2018.  And of course after the planning part, action needs to happen!  Melyssa promoted a free tool that she uses known as Asana.  And I got to thinking about Asana and how it could work as a free planning tool for your horse business.

Asana: a Free Planning Tool for Your Horse Business | Equus Education

Asana: a Free Planning Tool for Your Horse Business | Equus Education

So how does it work?  You create a free account and once this is done, you can get to work.  You’re able to create projects online and break these down into smaller tasks.  So how could this apply to the horse industry?

Let’s consider a yearling sales preparation.  The manager could create a project Melbourne Premier Yearling Sales, for example.  Then they could create individual tasks that need to be completed.  Some of these may be daily (feed horses, muck out stalls, exercise, groom).  Other tasks may be introduced throughout the preparation.  These might include lunging for the first time, introduce to being hosed and washed, teaching to parade for clients.

The great thing about Asana is that you can apply dates to each task so you know when they need to be complete by.  And of course you can mark them off as complete.  As a manager of a project, you can also assign particular people to carry out certain tasks.  So if you have tech savvy staff, they can mark things off at the end of the day that have been achieved.

Whatever your horse related project is, you could make use of Asana to map it out and mark it off.  You can also see your calendar of events and know what tasks need to be completed for each day.  And if one day is looking pretty hectic, you can reschedule some tasks or let staff know that you need to start earlier / work longer for that particular day.

If you’re a lists person, I encourage you to check out this project planner.  After all, it’s free.  What horse related projects for 2018 could you use Asana to help you plan, complete and mark off as achieved?


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