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Friday Feature: Breeder

This week’s letter is B. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Accounting (Equine Business).

Breeding Horses can be Incredibly Rewarding, but Hard Work and Time Consuming

It is possible to be a person who breeds horses for a living.  It should be noted however, that a successful breeder needs to be able to:

  • Cater to a niche market – there needs to be a demand for what is being bred
  • Support financially the cost of keeping mares, foals, young stock and/or stallions
  • Have somewhere to keep a number of horses
  • Be patient – it takes 12 months to breed a mare and generate a foal and even longer to sell the progeny
  • Turn out the sale horses to a high standard or pay for someone else to do so, so that they’re presented well to potential buyers

An awareness of a mare’s reproductive cycle, and how to care for her during pregnancy and feed her appropriately are important.  If owning stallions, knowledge of live covers and/or artificial insemination as well as appropriate training and handling of entire horses is also vital.

If you plan to breed horses, but only provide the financial backing, then you’ll need to find an appropriate property (stud) on which to keep the horses and will be charged for the staff knowledge and experience with regards to the care of stud horses, breeding fees and agistment costs.

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“Breed the best to the best and hope for the best.” – Breeder’s axiom

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