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Friday Feature: Career Counselling (Equine)

This week’s letter is C. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Breeder.

Now in all honesty, I’m not sure that this particular equine related career exists – yet!  And yet, it would be my dream job.  That is why this blog came to be – there are so many opportunities to work with horses, sometimes those who want to do so don’t know what to pursue, or they’re not sure if they can make an income whilst working with this animal that they love.

What Work do you Dream of Doing that is Horse Related?

Someone who counsels others in regards to horse related careers would need to have the following:

  • An awareness of varying horse qualifications around the world, how long they take to complete and costs involved
  • Knowledge of what skills are desired in particular facets of the equine industries (racing, equestrian, stud, sales, endurance, carriage, instructing, etc)
  • Contacts across a myriad of horse related industries
  • Knowledge of what qualifications are required to carry out particular jobs
  • People skills
  • The ability to network and promote one’s services to potential clients

Although this is a niche market, I firmly believe there are many, many people out there who desire a career with horses.  If there was someone they could go to, to guide them on:

  • possible careers with horses,
  • courses they should undertake to get their dream job
  • and how to go about promoting themselves via networking and resume creation;

I think that person would over time be able to carry out equine career counselling as their dream horse career.  For posts that relate to this area of work on Equus-Blog, take a look at:

“… the horse has been, of all animals, man’s most constant companion in work and leisure.” – Author unknown

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