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Friday Feature: Foaling Attendant

This week’s letter is F. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Employment Agencies (Equine).

A Foster Clydesdale Mare with a Thoroughbred Foal Nursing

In a way this week’s career is a niche market, but it genuinely is one that you can do most of the year, if you’re willing to travel between hemispheres.  A foaling attendant works nights, weekdays and weekends, depending on the stud they work on.

Their role is to assist mares that are foaling, particularly if there are issues with the delivery.  They are also often in charge of documenting the foal’s first drink, steps, passing of meconium (the first poo) and other general health.

Someone who is interested in work as a foaling attendant:

  • Should be ready to work nights (often from 9pm – 6am, but it can vary)
  • May like to undertake a horse breeding course or gain work experience on a large stud – Thoroughbred studs are often a great way to see a lot over a short period (a few months)
  • Should consider that their job will be in demand over later winter, spring and early summer
  • May want to gain contacts in the northern and southern hemisphere to be able to carry out the job year round
  • Will need to be very familiar with care of pregnant mares, the birthing process and neonates (young foals)

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