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Friday Feature: Instructing

This week’s letter is I.  If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Horse Sitting.

Many people decide after learning to ride horses themselves that they would like to be able to instruct others as a potential form of income.

Tasks of an instructor may include:

  • Teaching groups of people or individuals at varying ages
  • Focusing on a particular discipline of horse riding – e.g. racing, English, western, show jumping, dressage
  • Gaining a qualification to be able to instruct
  • Working at a horse riding school or as a sole proprietor
  • Travelling to clients
  • Teaching about general horse care, tacking up and untacking the horse
  • Teaching others how to train uneducated horses

There are many organisations that are able to provide a qualification with regards to instructing horse riding.  Some examples include Equestrian Australia or the International Equestrian Federation, Horse Riding Coach, other registered training organisations that have courses in coaching that focus on horse riding and many more.

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“An instructor does not criticize you, but what you have been taught.” – Author unknown

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