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Friday Feature: Jackaroo/Jillaroo

This week’s letter is J.  If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Instructing.

A jackaroo or jillaroo (female version) is someone who works with horses to maintain other stock, such as sheep and cattle.  Often they work on large properties (thousands of hectares) and are in charge of large numbers of animals bred for food or wool.

Mustering Sheep

Tasks of a jackaroo may include:

  • Grooming and riding horses
  • Natural horsemanship
  • Whip cracking
  • Lassooing
  • Mustering sheep and cattle and assessing their health
  • Shearing
  • Barrel racing
  • Pasture improvement
  • Constructing yards and fences

If you’re someone who is happy to work with a small number of people on a large amount of land, carry out physically demanding work and be outside on a regular basis, perhaps this job is for you!  If this career avenue is of interest to you, other posts on this blog may be worth checking out:

“When he stood trembling with fear before the captor, bruised from falls by the restrictive rope, made submissive by choking, clogs, cuts and starvation, he had lost what made him so beautiful and free…” – J Frank Dobi

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