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Friday Feature: Office Administration (Equine)

This week’s letter is O. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Equine Nursing.

Many horse related businesses need someone to handle the office administration side of things.  This work could be full or part time and may even be done with the use of an internet connection, from your own home.  Often it is located at the equine premises, however.

Many Horse Properties Require the use of Office Administration.

Tasks may include:

  • keeping horse records
  • organising pays and tax taken out
  • paying super for employees
  • ordering supplies in relation to office, horse feed or even medications
  • responding to client queries
  • filling in mare returns (for a stud operation)
  • dealing with breeding, racing or leasing contracts
  • sending clients bills
  • creating advertising materials or updating a business website and email list
  • answering phones and emails
  • entering horses for competitions/races

Office administration work isn’t specific to the horse industry.  However, someone with a working knowledge of horses and a particular equine industry (eg performance, trail rides, breeding, racing, etc) as well as office administration experience would bode well for a working farm who needs paperwork kept in order.

It may also be a job that allows you to be indoors and not work weekends; or work mornings in the office and then afternoons out with the horses.

I don’t have particular posts on Equus-Blog that explore different administration jobs, but can assure you that in every equine related business I’ve worked, there was someone to help out with the administration side of things!

“Grooming: the process by which the dirt on the horse is transferred to the groom.” – Author unknown

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