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Friday Feature: Pedigrees

This week’s letter is P. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Orthopaedics.

What a Horse’s Pedigree may Look like on Paper

A horse’s pedigree relates to who its mother and father were, and who their parents were.  Pedigrees are particularly important in the equine world as they provide a document that details the family history of a horse, which in turn can show results of races or competitions, conformational consistencies and temperament.

Often people in the know about pedigrees will find themselves in a job that relates to stallion promotion or the purchasing of horses for clients.  Chances are that although you may have an interest in pedigrees in general, to make a career out of it you will need to focus on a particular breed of horse.

For someone who is interested in the idea of using their love of pedigrees to generate a career, consider:

  • Learning by heart the pedigrees of the latest famous horses in your focal market (e.g., the pedigree of Black Caviar if your focus is the thoroughbred breed)
  • Learning about nicks, black type, crosses, outcrosses and many other terms in the world of pedigrees
  • Learning the bloodlines of particular mares and stallions that when bred together, seem to consistently produce a top performing horse

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