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Friday Feature: Rug Repairs

This week’s letter is R.  I don’t have any careers explored that start with Q yet! If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Preservation (Equine).

Repairing rugs is one of those jobs that requires a knowledge of a horse’s size and shape, but is not necessarily hands on with horses.  Although it’s summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, I’m sure many rugs are being utilised for winter in the Northern Hemisphere!  I guess likewise, cotton summer rugs are found dotted on horses in paddocks here in Australia.

Przewalski's Horse.

Someone who is involved in rug repairs for horses, may find themselves:

  • Working from home, but possibly travelling to pick up rugs in need of repair
  • Sewing a lot on an industrial machine
  • Carrying out repetitive work within a pressured timeframe
  • With the need for many clients, or clients with a large number of horses
  • With a peak demand for their service leading up to and through winter

Because horses are often housed together or get bored in a stable, rugs will get damaged through wear and tear, inquisitive teeth and rough playing.  There will no doubt always be the need for rugs to be repaired or replaced.  The rug repairer who also designs and makes their own rugs could further expand their business.

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