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Friday Feature: Track Rider

This week’s letter is T. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Steward.

Many people love the idea of riding fast horses – not me, I’m a sook!  Although they may aspire to be a jockey, their physique may not make this possible.  It is however possible to be taller and weigh more than a jockey and still ride track work.  That is, ride horses on a racecourse in anticipation for race day.

Does Riding Fast Horses Appeal to You?

In fact for many, the opportunity to become a jockey is first formed through riding track work.

If riding racehorses appeals to you, consider:

  • A need to know racing rules and regulations
  • The need to ride horses at timed work
  • Early hours will be a non negotiable
  • Busy days will often be race days, which will include weekend work
  • Riding happens at most stables 6 days a week and will involve riding many different horses each morning

You need to have your track rider’s license to be able to ride racehorses for a trainer.  For other posts that relate to this area of work on Equus-Blog, take a look at:

“What a creature he was! Never have I felt such a horse between my knees. His great haunches gathered under him with every stride, and he shot forward ever faster and faster, stretched like a greyhound, while the windbeat in my face and whistled past my ears.” – Arthur Conan Doyle

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