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Friday Feature: Veterinarian (Equine)

This week’s letter is V.  I don’t have any jobs under U at this stage! If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Tourism (Equine).

An equine veterinarian is someone who may find themselves needing to be familiar with all facets of the equine life.  Knowledge of stallions, pregnant mares, newborn foals, growing horses, racing horses, competing horses and older horses are all necessary.  Often if people want to specialise with horses, they will first need to gain experience in a mixed practice (small and large animals).

An Equine Skeleton Model in Chantilly, France

Once a lot of general experience has been gained, vets can often specialise. This may be in the area of:

  • reproductive work
  • corrective work on a horse’s conformation (generally their legs)
  • working with racehorses or other equine athletes
  • surgeries such as colic

All veterinarians should be familiar with horse health, their skeletal and muscular systems, cardiovascular, reproductive/urinary systems, digestive system and general conformation. Long hours should be expected, particularly if working during the breeding season or with racehorses that start work early in the morning.

For those keen to build up their experience in a particular area (for example, horse reproduction), travel should be considered to take advantage of the southern and northern hemisphere running on opposite seasons.

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