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Friday Feature: Veterinary Nursing

This week’s letter is V. If you missed last week’s Friday Feature, take a look at Track Rider.

You may have a passion for helping injured horses, but not be interested in pursuing the role of a veterinarian.  Rather than needing to go to university to gain a degree, a veterinary nurse is able to complete a qualification at TAFE whilst also working in a clinic, gaining hands on experience.

The catch often is being able to acquire work in a clinic – don’t be afraid to volunteer your time!  This can be a great way to build up contacts and then gain work in a field you’re passionate to enter.

Veterinary Nurses may be Required to Help Newborn Foals

If you’re interested in becoming a veterinary nurse, consider:

  • Your focus won’t be solely horses
  • You may need to work night duty and cover weekends
  • You’ll be working with animals that often will be in pain
  • You may be able to focus on a particular area down the track, such as neonatal care (foals)
  • If you work in an equine clinic, there will be seasons of work where particular tasks are really busy or non existent (eg, birth of foals, xrays for horse sales)

Being a veterinary nurse will require that you undertake study to gain a qualification.  For other posts that relate to this area of work on Equus-Blog, take a look at:

“Lessons from your horse: when you’re feeling financially secure, let me teach you the meaning of ‘veterinary services, additional.'” – Author unknown

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