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‘Future Moves’

So I had my first morning back at work Monday, two months after my accident.  It feels good to be back to work but I know it’s wise to take things slowly 🙂

We were having a staff morning tea and one of the staff members updated me on how things were going with her role in advertising Future Moves.

Recently GOTAFE has made a partnership of sorts with Charles Sturt University.  The idea is to encourage students that may undertake a TAFE course to further their education and knowledge by then pursuing a uni degree.

I love it!  Some believe that university isn’t for them due to a fear of the theory being too difficult, not being able to afford paying for a degree or any other multitude of reasons.

The idea of Future Moves is to raise awareness of what universities can offer students and break down any barriers about issues or misconceived ideas. This particular staff member I was talking with was excited about the fact that she would shortly be getting into the high schools (and primary schools) to talk about what opportunities further education can offer to the student.

Towards the end of the year people often consider their study options for the following year.  My advice?  Keep your eyes and ears open!  Ask people, send emails, talk on the phone, find out what you can about making your dream a reality.  And never discout the value of education!

“What the colt learns in youth he continues in old age.” – French Proverb

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