The Galloping Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees

This is the second book by Angharad Thompson Rees I have been able to download to read. The Galloping Pony is another short story aimed at children. It has a delightful moral to it, too.

Second in the Magical Adventures and Pony Tales series, this book focuses on young Warmheart, a cob pony who loves to run. As he grows up, he enjoys nothing more than pitting himself against the farm’s work dog, Bob. Although Bob always wins, Warmheart feels that he is getting closer and closer to winning.

The Galloping Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees
The Galloping Pony by Angharad Thompson Rees

Life is grand on the beautiful Pennydale Farm where he lives. He spends his days frolicking in the field with his mother and enjoying the company of Bob and the other farm animals.

The whole farm of animals cause their owner Farmer John concern one day when they react to the goings on next door. It seems that the wealthy neighbours are having a track put in for their prize thoroughbreds. Warmheart is excited about being able to race alongside the sleek thoroughbreds once the track is put in.

When this occurs however, the young cob realises he’s not as fast as he thinks. When some bad news reaches the animals about the farm’s future, they are all downtrodden. It is only when Farmer John recognises Warmheart’s love of running that he feels he’s found a way to save the farm – and all the animals on it.

The Galloping Pony is a delightful tale of the underdog. It provides kids with the clear moral that they should never give up. All that is needed is a love for something and perseverance to bring about a positive result.

Author – Angharad Thompson Rees
Fiction – children
In my library – as an eBook it is.
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