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Garrocha – a Horse Discipline

There are a number of different disciplines related to horses that are known to many around the world. Consider the likes of dressage, show jumping, cross country, racing, western disciplines and polo and polocrosse. I recently stumbled across one that I hadn’t heard of before – garrocha.

It was whilst reading the Outback Equines website, that I discovered they offered lessons in garrocha. I was intrigued!

As it turns out:

The Garrocha is a lance or pole, it comes in different lengths depending on what it is being used for. Centuries ago it was used as a weapon during the wars. In Spain it is used by the vaquero (cowboys) on farms to move cattle around rather than roping and to help bring stock in. It is used to keep the bulls off the horses while riding around the pastures stock checks.

It is also a competition where two men on horseback chase a bull and the rider with the Garrocha needs to get the bull with a single clean knock-over, as marks will be lost if more than one attempt is made.

You can read more about it here.

Garrocha as a Career

What Discipline do you Love on Horseback?  Garrocha is one!

What Discipline do you Love on Horseback? Garrocha is one!

There are two common ways to earn money relating to a particular horse riding discipline if you’re keen to turn it into a career. The first is to go professional. Often this requires a deep commitment of time and money. Many horse riding sports require one or more mounts as well as entry fees and special riding gear.

The second option is to teach. Once you’ve experienced a sport – and even found success with it – then you are in a position to enlighten others. You can charge a fee as you teach them about the riding discipline, it’s rules and how to do it effectively.

If you want a horse riding career, then consider the varying disciplines that are out there. You may first gain a career through riding and competing in that particular discipline. This can be followed up by teaching others to do the same thing in future years. Garrocha is one such possibility!

“There is no better place to heal a broken heart than on the back of a horse.” ― Missy Lyons

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