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Generating an Equine Related Income through Writing and Photography

I know I’ve touched on both of these possibilities before, but just wanted to remind people that they have options to use their skills, combined with their love of horses to start to generate some pocket money.

It’ll take a lot more work to generate an income through the likes of writing articles for magazines, online sites such as Suite101 or other such avenues, but it is possible to start today, building up a profile for yourself as a writer and generating a small amount of money in the process. Do it for the experience and love of writing, rather than the anticipation of funds and you can’t go wrong.

The same goes with photography. There are so many stock photo sites out there that will take photos (under specific guidelines) and put them for sale on the site. Every time someone wants to use your photo, they can purchase it and you make a small amount of money. This is a great way to start up a portfolio in the photography world and generate an increasing residual income.

In both areas, I believe it’s a question of skill as well as being a numbers game. The more you have written or the more photos on display, the more likely someone will find something they like resulting in funds for you!

‘Every day you don’t invest is another day’s interest you haven’t made.’

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