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Getting from A to B

So at the moment I’m writing up horse work/experience that I’ve acquired over the past five or so years so that I can gain credit in a subject for uni.

Personally, I am addicted to doing work experience and would usually jump at the chance to gain more.  However, I have a financial commitment in a mortgage, and I’ve only just started back at work after my accident a few months ago, so the idea of gaining horse experience on a work experience wage is the main thing that is causing me to decide against doing so.

My Thoroughbred Breeding Personal Learning Objective

PLO: To gain hands on in the TB breeding industry, including breeding mares, foaling down and assisting with reproductive vet work.

I’m excited to know that for my equine science degree, I need to gain experience over at least 8 weeks, in at least 3 different equine fields:

  • breeding
  • performance
  • equine business
  • industry training / education
  • other approved experience

Writing this report was a good reminder of how blessed I’ve been with horses and in the industry.  To boast a little, I’ve gained experience in all of these sectors!  And it’s so lovely to be able to look at photos and remember contacts acquired, as well as skills developed.

Our practical experience is aimed at helping us to first determine personal learning objectives.  These should help us to develop towards our desired outcome with horses.  For me, this is running an agistment property with my husband, and advising enthusiastic horse people on the myriad of horse related careers available to them around the world.

My PLO as an Equine Teacher

PLO: To continue teaching people about care of horses and possible career paths.

Now that I’ve written the reports of what I wanted to achieve, what I did achieve and how I could improve, I have to send off forms to my previous employers to get them to sign and agree that I have done what I claim to have done!

This is a good thing, but will require a bit of work on my behalf to get forms off to South Africa for Wild Coast Horse Trails and to Ireland for the Irish National Stud.

I wrote a post in September titled Is Your Role What You Want it to Be?  All of the ‘roles’ I’ve had in the horse industry have indeed been what was necessary for me to develop as a horse person and become a more informed horse owner.  It’s also helping me get from A to B, that is – towards my desired goal of running a horse property.

My PLO at a Thoroughbred Racing Stable

PLO: To keep myself current in the equine industry and gain experience in a racing stable.

I saw a picture – I think in a PowerPoint from uni – about how people envisage getting from A to B.  They see it as two dot points or locations, and a straight line between the two.  I loved the picture of what it actually is – a mess of a squiggly line that consistently overlaps between the two!

As a majorly impatient person, I prefer the ‘direct’ route of a straight line between the two points.  But it’s my haphazard horse roles, some organised, some by chance, some unexpectedly discovered and taken on, that has truly helped me to be someone who is still passionately excited about running a horse property, and feeling closer to this goal each day.

What is your dream?  What are your personal learning objectives?  Write them down!

“If I had a horse, I’d ride off in the sunset, where dreams, and shadows lie. To a life, where pain and sorrow don’t exist, and to where hopes, and dreams become reality.” – Lindsay Turcotte

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