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Ghetto Cowboy

I was excited last Friday to come home and find a big package containing two new horse books in the mail!  One was G. Neri’s Ghetto Cowboy.

Now I must say, this is one unique story!  I read it in one day and was surprised by the idea for the story and found myself considering such events happening in real life.

Young Cole is a troubled soul.  He is bored with school and life and doesn’t know how to change things.  This results in him acting out at school and continually ending up in trouble.

His mother’s frustration turns into desperation when she takes him on a road trip to live with the father he’s never met.  Moving from Detroit to Philadelphia, Cole is amazed to find that his father’s tiny house is also home to a horse, and the stables nearby are full of horses, in the middle of the ghetto.

In these unusual surrounds, the stables are in danger of being closed down due to authorities who want access to the land.  Although at first fearful of these intimidating animals, Cole soon finds himself caught up in a fight to help rescue something he’d initially wanted no part of.

Ghetto Cowboys came to life when G. Neri found out about some real cowboys in Philly.  A more in depth review can be found along with my other articles at Suite101.

Author: G. Neri
In my library? You bet!  A really unique story that I found a delight to read.
Want it? Get it now on Amazon.

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