The Girl who Hated Ponies (Pony Pals #13) by Jeanne Betancourt

The thirteenth book in the Pony Pal series aimed at young horse lovers is titled The Girl who Hated Ponies. Ten year old Lulu is looking forward to a weekend with her two best friends, Pony Pals Anna and Pam.

The Girl who Hated Ponies by Jeanne Betancourt
The Girl who Hated Ponies by Jeanne Betancourt

Her father is away for a wildlife conference and Lulu has her time all planned. She is going to ride over to Pam’s place on her pony Snow White with Anna, who will ride Acorn. They will then camp the night in the barn and spend their weekend riding and spending time with their beloved ponies. It’s going to be great!

Then Lulu’s dad drops an unexpected surprise on her, one that Lulu isn’t sure she likes. She’s suddenly got an extra girl to think of. At least Melissa is the same age as the other three girls. But it seems that this city girl from New York is more interested in her looks than smelly ponies.

Lulu is devastated when her weekend takes a turn for the worse before it’s even begun. What is she going to do with a girl who wants to do manicures and try out different hairstyles instead of ride ponies and groom them?

The Girl who Hated Ponies is a great look at how the three Pony Pals can befriend someone who seems very different to them. Lulu, Anna and Pam are dubious about Melissa at first, but they take her out on a trail ride despite her protests. When things take a turn for the worse, the four girls have to work together to get home safely. The thirteenth book in the Pony Pal series is full of adventure and shows the importance of being nice to someone, even if you don’t like them. The story ends well and has a great moral for young readers.

Author: Jeanne Betancourt
Fiction – children
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