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Government Incentives for Equine Apprenticeships

In Australia there are government financial incentives for employers who encourage staff to undertake traineeships or apprenticeships.  Within Victoria, Australia there are government incentives for equine apprenticeships.  For someone who works on a thoroughbred stud, they could undertake a Certificate III in Horse Breeding whilst working.  When the employee enrols into the course, the employer benefits financially.  Similarly, when the employee finishes the course, the employer again receives a financial incentive.

Government Incentives for Equine Apprenticeships | Equus Education

Government Incentives for Equine Apprenticeships | Equus Education

In this way employers are more likely to encourage their staff members to gain a qualification.  They benefit financially and their staff members learn knew skills or have their current ones recognised with a qualification.

Incentives like this are worth employees knowing about – it can be a great way for them to get a qualification whilst working.  They are beneficial to employers too: their staff members get qualified whilst they receive a financial benefit from the government.  Whether you’re an employee on a horse property looking to get qualified or a manager on a horse property, it’s worth knowing about government incentives like these.

Government Incentives for Equine Apprenticeships

Want to take advantage of such an initiative?  Start by looking at your state government website to find out about initiatives for employees and employers.

Another option is to contact education or employment agencies that may be able to advise about such incentives.  Within Australia there is an apprenticeships organisation that is able to inform potential students and employers about how things work and how they might benefit.  If you work and you want to undertake an equine traineeship or some other form of study, be sure to do your research.  It can be easier to sell an idea to your employer when it benefits both of you.

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