Green Lodge a Paddy Cummins Novella

Green Lodge by Paddy Cummins
Green Lodge by Paddy Cummins

Ricky Barker is a nineteen-year-old Irishman with an incredible dream.  His passion for breeding thoroughbreds has lead to his dream to one day own a stud farm and breed prize racehorses.  In the meantime, he works as a stud hand for politician and wealthy man Sam McArdy.

An unexpected discovery of his boss’ relationship to a well known woman leaves Ricky unsure about how to treat this information. Good at being discreet, he chooses to hold onto this information. Once Sam McArdy discovers Ricky knows, he is eager to do something good for the young man to encourage his silence.

A chance purchase of a filly finds Ricky suddenly the owner of a foundational broodmare for his dream. As the filly’s worth increases, the previous owner is desperate to reclaim her. This starts an ongoing saga for Ricky who only wants to keep what is rightfully his.

Green Lodge weaves an obvious knowledge of the thoroughbred breeding industry in the United Kingdom, romance and the lengths people can go to, to get what they want. The story is definitely a read for adults as it contains sexual content.

Although an entertaining story, Paddy Cummins’ novella starts out with a sex scene and has other moments that are too graphic for my liking. Add to this, consistent changes of tense and I found the story a little difficult to read. Green Lodge covers one of my favourite topics in the form of thoroughbred breeding, but this novella would rate higher for me if it was better proof read and had less sex in it.

Author: Paddy Cummins
Fiction – adult
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“A racehorse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time.” – Author unknown

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