Happy Trails (Horse Crazy Series)

The second book in the Horse Crazy series finds young Emily still at Webster’s Country Horse Camp without her closest friend Judy. She is however coping just fine, and learning to stand up for herself as well as recognise true friends.

Happy Trails by Virginia Vail

In this novel for young teens, Emily starts to recognise that something is truly wrong with one of the other girls, Dru. Aside from being petrified of horses, Dru is truly unhappy about something.

On a planned overnight trail, Dru manages to fall from her walking horse on their first day out, resulting in the trip being called off until further notice.

The remaining riders are devastated – especially at the idea of such an unhappy rider having ruined their exciting plans. As this weighs heavily on the young unhappy rider, she makes a drastic effort to get away from it all.

A search party in the form of the Webster family and Emily head out at night to try to find the runaway Dru. After she is found Emily realises the depth of the young girl’s unhappiness due to family troubles.

In an attempt to move Dru’s thoughts to something else, Emily finds a way with the help of Chris Webster to cause the young rider to turn her attention to her faithful mount, Donna. Things slowly turn around and find Dru learning to not be fearful of horses and to even enjoy riding and caring for them.

Happy Trails ends with Emily finding she has a lot to write and tell Judy about.

Author: Virginia Vail
Fiction – teens
In my library? Indeed – a good follow on from the first in the series.
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“Wild oats aren’t meant for sowing – but they make a nice trail snack.” – Author unknown

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