Head over Hoof

I downloaded Head over Hoof by Mara A Miller when it was free on Kindle. The cover got me – the colours are just beautiful! This novel is aimed at adults and focuses on a young woman named Brianna.

After the loss of her parents, Brianna finds herself having custody of her fourteen year old brother. Trying to juggle supporting him, having a life and gaining an education proves to be too much and Brianna has to make some hard choices.

When her Aunt Lora is able to take on her brother Kevin, Brianna is rapt to be able to go back to study. She finds shared accommodation with another woman who is studying at the same university. Cyn seems nice enough and Brianna is glad to have her own space. As she gets to know her roommate, she is surprised by the woman’s open relationship with her long term boyfriend, Adrian.

Head Over Hoof by Mara A. Miller
Head Over Hoof by Mara A. Miller

Brianna finds herself drawn to Adrian and the horses that he owns and works with. Happy to pass off her attraction as nothing to pay attention to, she is mortified when her roommate suggests that Brianna pursue Adrian – in spite of the fact that Cyn is his girlfriend.

Head over Hoof has some interesting characters and a good mix of horse and university events. The story could be a great romance, but I struggled with the whole open relationship concept throughout the novel. Cyn’s character is not one I liked – she seems very manipulative and mixed up. Brianna’s ignorance or naivety toward the end of the novel surprised me, too. It seemed surprising that she wouldn’t come to the conclusion that others around her did.

Head over Hoof ends where you don’t want it to, leaving things hanging in the air. Great for those who want to read the next novel! I guess I was expecting a happy ending and so was miffed how things turned out. An interesting read.

Author – Mara A. Miller
Fiction – adult
In my library – as an eBook it is.
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