Heads or Tails by Bernadette Kelly

The fifth in the Riding High series, Heads or Tails? by Bernadette Kelly follows the adventures of teenager Annie Boyd.

Although Annie is only new to the world of horse riding and owning, she is establishing herself as a capable rider and owner. Annie has secured work at a local riding school and agistment property in Ridgeview where she lives. She attends pony club and has some great friends there and at school.

Heads or Tails? by Bernadette Kelly
Heads or Tails? by Bernadette Kelly

Annie is devastated to find that someone has cut off the tail of a horse at work. Although she thought it was the owners, she soon finds out from her boss that it was stolen. In time this isn’t the only horse that has had their tail stolen.

As the thief continues to strike, Annie and her friends become increasingly concerned. Plus, her boss Erica loses a client and fears that will continue to happen until the thief is found and caught.

Devising a plan to catch the thief, Annie pursues what she thinks is a credible lead. When this leads to putting her own horse and herself in danger, she questions just what she’s gotten herself into. When her parents find out, they do too.

Annie is devastated to find that her actions lead to not being allowed to ride her beloved pony for a couple of weeks. Her only consolation is that the ban will be lifted before her next pony club rally.

Annie determines to stay low and out of trouble. However, when she becomes aware of suspicious activity one night, she can’t help but go and investigate. This leads to the thief being caught and the horses and ponies of Ridgeview being safe once again.

Annie is relieved for the outcome, but once again finds herself in trouble for interfering in a matter that should be left to the police. In Heads or Tails? Annie learns that some ideas are better left alone; or at least left to the professionals. This story is a quick and easy read that is sure to entertain the younger reader.

Author: Bernadette Kelly
Fiction – any
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