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Horse Applications

I recently saved a pin that focused on the best horse applications (horse apps). In fact, it was this horse application pin that first led me to the Frugal Horsewoman’s website. Amongst all the applications that are available out there for use, many are free and others need to be paid for.

This is perhaps another area that can be entertained for those wanting to start up their own business. I see two potential options:

  1.  You develop and sell your own horse applications. This can be a great way to establish a passive income online. You create the app (or apps) and sell them for a small fee. Assuming they’re of great benefit to the horse community, you should find that you are consistently making sales.
  2. Another way to go about this is to source already established horse applications that are selling well. Contact the creators/owners and work out some sort of a commission deal with them. If you establish yourself online as the place to go for horse applications, then in time people will be approaching you about selling their product! You provide the platform, charge a commission and each time a sale of someone else’s horse app is made, you benefit financially, too!
Horse Applications: do you have an Idea that Others Would Embrace?

Horse Applications: do you have an Idea that Others Would Embrace?

Horse Applications

There are many, many different horse products that can be created and sold online. The most appeal to me are those that require the work once and then can be sold many times over. The idea of a horse passive income is just so appealing! If it is for you too, then consider the idea of creating a horse app or two.

Brainstorm what tools you feel horse owners, riders, trainers and breeders could most benefit from. Then think about how you could develop this into an application and make it available for purchase. Horse apps could be your horse business!

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