Horse Crazy Lily by Nancy Rue

At some point I picked up Horse Crazy Lily in an op shop. The young girl with the horse on the cover drew me. Reading it recently, the fact that it is a Christian book also has appeal!

Horse Crazy Lily by Nancy Rue
Horse Crazy Lily by Nancy Rue

The 11th book in the series, Horse Crazy Lily focuses on a time in her family where things are changing drastically. Lily has an older as well as a younger brother.  Her parents have decided to adopt a 9-year-old girl on top of this. Tessa is a troubled child, not having anyone in her life that she can depend on. Consequently she reacts to most situations poorly.

Before Tessa is a part of the family, Lily is at a friend’s birthday party. They are all going out horse riding. Although Lily’s first ride is daunting and starts out somewhat scarily, she is soon hooked. She is convinced that horse riding is her skill for life and she owes it to herself to learn all she can – and get a horse of course! She just has to convince her parents. With a well researched argument and presentation, she is sure they’ll be swayed to say yes.

What she didn’t factor in was her newly adopted sister. Tessa has a lot of needs and many of these are expensive.

Lily finds that alongside her newfound love of horses, her usual routine with her close girlfriends is suddenly broken. The family needs to invest a lot of time and energy in Tessa and also help her to settle. Young Lily finds herself feeling resentful toward the even younger girl, as her life is turned upside down.

It isn’t until tragedy strikes and her friends step in to help that Lily realises how important Tessa is – and that they need to show her. Horse Crazy Lily has the lovely added aspect of horses, although they don’t feature as heavily in the story as I would have liked.

The focus on proving to someone their worth – as well as sticking with them – is a great topic to weave into the story. The book was easy to read although having read other books in the series would have shed more light on Lily’s friends, who were assumed to be known to the reader.

Author: Nancy Rue
Fiction – children’s, Christian
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