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Horse Farm Property Maintenance

My husband and I were recently making a trip back from my parents place to our home.  We take a beautiful scenic drive that allows me to look at lots of cattle, sheep and also horse properties along the way.  One property had a sign posted in the corner of the paddock saying Small Property Maintenance with a contact number.  And I got to thinking: why not horse farm property maintenance?

A Horse Farm Property Maintenance Team; would that be of Benefit to you? | Equus Education

A Horse Farm Property Maintenance Team; would that be of Benefit to you? | Equus Education

The very first thoroughbred stud I did work placement on (Swettenham, then Collingrove) was big, beautiful and well maintained.  There were three staff that were employed to keep it that way.  Broken fences, bust water troughs, leaves that needed raking, mowing…

You name it; they did it to keep the place looking good for clients.  But a lot of small horse properties perhaps don’t have the budget to employ someone to do this regularly.  But what if they could hire a team on the odd occasion to do so?

The Horse Farm Property Maintenance Team

What if there was a horse farm property maintenance team of people that could be hired out?  They could come to your farm and fix it up after a storm, before an open day or competition or before fire season, etc.  As a small property owner, you could contact an agency that has a collection of staff with various skills.  Some may be good at building and have a chainsaw licence to cut down fallen trees.  Others may be great on a tractor and can harrow, spray weeds or even bale hay.  Still others could rake up areas, prune back plants and weed.

What if there was one place you could go to find a handful of people that could come in on a given day or week of the year to help get your horse property in top shape for clients?  A horse farm property maintenance agency!  This could provide people casual work for people with particular farm skills whilst also helping out horse property owners.  What do you think?



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