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Horse Herbs and an Online Store

I recently was made aware of Country Park.  This website has a niche focus: herbs for horses and other animals.  It is a website that informs about horse herbs and also is an online store.  You can purchase herbs for horses, learn about their benefits and even receive a consultation by author of A Healthy Horse the Natural Way, Catherine Bird.

Horse Herbs and an Online Store | Equus Education

Horse Herbs and an Online Store | Equus Education

This website is a great example of how a niche focus can generate income.  Products are able to be sold to clients who would use them regularly for their horses.  (The site also caters to canines).  There is also the chance to meet with potential clients and discuss what herbs may benefit their horses and why.

In the section focused on the A-Z of herbs you can find out about 60 different herbs that are used for horses to help in their health in one way or another.  Some herbs I am familiar with: garlic, chamomile, cinnamon, comfrey to name a few.  But others are a complete blank to me!  These include cornsilk, eyebright, ginkgo and many others.  It’s a whole other world to me, but one I’d be very interested to learn about.

I love the idea of being able to grow your own herbs that you can use to treat your horses.  Perhaps something will help to calm them or improve their digestive system or maybe even treat a wound they have.  Being able to use natural ingredients to help your horse’s health is very appealing.

If your curiosity is peaked and you want to learn more about horse herbs, then check out their article section.  There are pieces on different herbs for the seasons, competing on horses, helping with breeding, cooling herbs for summer immunity and also laminitis!  Fascinating stuff.  Whether or not you end up buying some herbs through the Country Park website, chances are you could learn a lot on this topic.

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