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Horse Massage Certificate at Equestricare

Stumbled across this one on Facebook and thought it worth a mention!  And of course I’ll add it to Courses for Horses.  If you’re looking for an equine course to do, check out this ever growing list!

On their website Equestricare, you’ll find a 37 second video that is quite simple and yet sums up what will be appealing for many:

  • Are you passionate about horses?
  • Do you dream of being your own boss?

Horses are Often Used for Sport; Massage can Help them to Function Correctly.

These two questions are followed by the suggestion of gaining a Certificate in Equine Sports Massage – today!  For those who are curious, check out the above link, and perhaps you’d like to look at the Equestricare Facebook page too.

Some points that may be of interest to you regarding this certificate are assessment, delivery and accreditation.  Assessment involves “undertak(ing) all course hours, complete a written exam (open book), two essays, 25 case studies and perform a sports therapy treatment.”

Delivery is offered via “combined delivery options of self guided and guided study via distance and online education as well as practical placements, intensives and workshops.  Most of the modules are moving online for all theory.”

Accreditation for those who complete the training results in a Certificate in Equestricare Equine Sports Therapy.  The course in itself appears to be run from Western Australia.

If you’re passionate about sports therapy and massage with horses, it’s definitely worth looking at what sort of qualification and training is available to you.  You may also like to look up the terms:

  • bowen therapy or equine muscle release therapy (EMRT)
  • TTouch

And of course, check out the categories on my Vocation 100 page, as there are many, many horse related careers explored on this blog!

“Without the horse what would have become of man? It has served us for transport, in agriculture, industry since the dawn of time.” – Bertrand Leclair

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