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Using Horse Property Tree Services

I have recently been reading about sustainable horse properties and consequently been thinking about when my husband and I get land.  I would make use of someone who offered horse property tree services!  There is so much to learn about trees that can benefit horse property owners.

When we attain land, we will need locals in the know (who know horses) to guide us about trees on the property and what we can grow for fodder.  We would also need to know what is native to the area and what will work for shade and wind and fire breaks.

Trees also add the benefits of aesthetics to a horse property.  They have many, many uses and are best planted under the guidance of someone who knows trees and horses.

This got me thinking: why not have such a business that caters to this for horse properties?  I considered this idea specifically after seeing ArborEssence recently in town.  I am sure there is a market out there for tree specialists who are able to cater to large horse properties!

Horse Property Tree Services: Would you pay a Business to Guide you on Your Horse Property?

Horse Property Tree Services: Would you pay a Business to Guide you on Your Horse Property?

In Australia the breeding of thoroughbreds is a lucrative business – it is one of the top employers.  I am sure it is in other countries.  Although ‘horse property tree services‘ may be considered a niche market, because the thoroughbred industry earns so much, people would be able to pay for such a service.  I am sure the performance horse industry would be interested, too!

Having a company that could help make wise decisions about trees and property planning would be highly beneficial to many.  And, it would save money!

“There is something about riding down the street on a prancing horse that makes you feel like something, even when you ain’t a thing.” – Will Rogers

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